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Preparing your business for sale

Growing sales and margins

Identifying and protecting your IP

Change management

Product launch – Life Cycle management

Entering new markets

Measuring the right things

The team at Enacta have delivered successful solutions across the Renewables market, Financial Services, Software and Technology sectors.

Cyber Security Software – Value Based Pricing, Sales Distribution

Enacta were engaged to review the Go to Market approach and pricing structure. The business was well placed to exploit an emerging global market, but that it’s market positioning and pricing could be improved via a value-based approach supported by a new set of licensing agreements, specifically for contracting with large Fortune 500 enterprise clients. The business subsequently contracted its largest global deal.

Automotive Technology – Funding and Product Management

Enacta prepared a specialised technology business for sale and assembled and embedded a MBI / MBO team for a debt leveraged acquisition. We also secured PE and HNW offers for the business. In parallel a new product range was designed, tested and launched using outsourced manufacturing which increased volume and margin without requiring additional capex or headcount.

Solar PV  – Product Management, Sales Distribution & IP

Enacta supported the development of a new range of hooks and rails to create a mounting system and minimised the risks  associated with new product launches by aligning a new brand to a specific target market. Operationally this was supplemented by a distribution agreement to stimulate demand by using fastening stockists who already had a client base and the new product line added a new profit in a new market.

Global Research Institute – IP Strategy, Business Planning

Enacta established and ran an IP programme for a growing global technology research institution. This delivered invention harvesting, ranking and recommendations on commercial priorities as well as protection of IP assets and ongoing governance.

Mobile Payments – Funding  Operations

Once consumers start using smartphones to shop, they use them a lot; for 50%- 60% of their shopping and of the purchases not made on a smartphone 14% are more likel;y to convert in store. The £52Bn Ecommerce market is big and growing. Mobile payment technogy is disrupting ot just reail, but banking, gaming, airlines to name a few. Enacta successfully raised £150,000 of SEIS monies and supported the creation of the associated business plan.

Gaming Developer - Product Management and Market Launch

Games are developed as a creative outlet for and by a predominately young generation. The growth of gaming is attributable to the huge population base that seeks games as a source of entertainment and recreation. Enacta are providing a foundation of good business practice to facilitate the creative process and allow an indie developer to make profits.