When we can help?

Preparing your business for sale

Growing sales and margins

Identifying and protecting your IP

Change management

Product launch – Life Cycle management

Entering new markets

Measuring the right things

The Enacta team are experienced hands on operational doers. We have worked a wide variety of roles and industries, ranging from Start-Up's and SME's to global members of the FTSE 100. The team have worked in many countries and understand how to get things done in a challenging business environment and culture.

Pragmatic and easy to work with. We have all worked in our own businesses as well as large corporations and understand the pressures involved. Our role is to help you meet your objectives as we are judged on results and if we cannot help, we will say so.

Breadth of operational experience comes from having worked in roles covering the key business functions and aim to leave lasting value in your business as we mentor and develop skills, processes and measures during projects. We aim to idenitfy and address priorty items that have the largest impact to a clear plan. This is easier to do from an outside perspective

Intellctual Property (IP) is the largest single component of most businesses with day to day commercial importance not just transaction related (funding, M&A), but IP has positve tax implications with R&D tax relief and Patent Box having substantial commercial value a the secret sauce at the centre of the business. We can help you identify, protect and proactively manage your IP.