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Preparing your business for sale

Growing sales and margins

Identifying and protecting your IP

Change management

Product launch – Life Cycle management

Entering new markets

Measuring the right things

Implementing the best measures to support the continuous development of your business. Consistently developing new ideas from the core business and creating new profitable revenues from them.

Delighted customers who have had a positive experience buy more over longer periods at higher margins. Specific metrics support sets of criteria - some are illustrated below:

Toal Addressable Market changes over time and is a measure of the maximum revenues a business could generate. It  allows teams to know the "remaining oxygen" left to grow with.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (additions minus churn) highlights what is drivng revenue and how it is changing over time    

Customer Acquisition Cost is a measure of how much it costs to bring new customers on board and measuring CAC targets the right market segments.

Customer Lifetime Value measures the profit generated by a customer over their lifetime.  

Customer advocacy is a key measure of a growing business, as happy customers buy more. Generating a Net Promoter Score (NPS) allows a qualative measure of happiness.

Operational excellence not only reduces the cost base, but allows a journey of continuous improvement.