When we can help?

Preparing your business for sale

Growing sales and margins

Identifying and protecting your IP

Change management

Product launch – Life Cycle management

Entering new markets

Measuring the right things

Companies invest millions in research & development – we aim to ensure that the IP developed from this investment is identified, protected, managed and presented in a clear structure which makes it easier to exploit to maximise commercial returns.

Working alongside our clients as part of their team, we provide support on all aspects of intellectual property creation, identification, protection and utilisation. This includes obtaining patents, registering trade marks and designs, competitor analysis, and advice on copyright and licensing.

Typical trigger events

Since April 2013 profits generated by patented products have qualified for a lower rate of corporation tax, falling in stages to 10% by 2017.

Have you got IP which is not reducing your tax liability?

Protecting intellectual property should be seen as supporting the commercial activity of a company and not simply an academic exercise.

As a intangible asset, IP can be valued and prepare for your balance sheet 

All of these trigger events will have some form of need for the identification, commercial management and exploitation of Intellectual Property, which is always at the very heart of what we do.