When we can help?

Preparing your business for sale

Growing sales and margins

Identifying and protecting your IP

Change management

Product launch – Life Cycle management

Entering new markets

Measuring the right things

Enacta provides 'hands on' transaction or project based expertise with a track record of delivering demonstrable value.

In order to grow and create real value in increasingly competitive local and global markets, businesses are adopting ever more detailed strategies. But with even the best strategies, the battle is only half won, if that. Execution, execution execution is the key.

Operational execution is the key to maximising the value of your business strategy

We work with ambitious and growing companies in the UK, alongside the business owners, and Senior Executives to create operational value.

Crisp operational execution delivers the value from your business strategy.

Selling a business is likely to be the largest and most important financial transaction any business owner will ever make. It is important to spend time prearing your business to extract the maximum value from the sale. The Enacta team as business owners has experience of both buying and selling.

We can help you prepare for the unexpected and maximise value as you plan to sell your business. 

Enacta has a specialist team with extensive public & private company experience across a wide range of industries including Technology,Engineering, Telecoms, Renewable Energy and Financial Services.

We will help you harvest your opportunity – profitably